23 August 2020

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We are introducing a Weekly Messenger through our Online Blog on the eve of   74th Indian Independence Day August, 15th 2020-called Mihira New Era Weekly online.

Every week through online Blog, in our issue would like to share a Story.

Mihira Weekly is New Era Weekly Messenger. Mihira Monthly is New Era Spiritual Magazine Mihira Today is a monthly, Holistic, Health Journal.


Mihira Weekly is a New era weekly messenger.    

Which brings you message on Every Sunday with a topic on Sunday spirituality.  Share    a topic on every Sunday starting with the topic on “Sunday spirituality.



Mihira New Era Weekly                                                             Sunday Weekly

INDIA- The Bharat- S1                                                                23 August 2020 


Bharat means place of Light, India term came from Sanskrit term Hind civilization lived near river Hind, so this civilization is called Hindus, later converted as INDIA.  India is called by theologist, light of the East.  It is the place where spiritual development of Man is unfolded.  INDIA is one of the most ancient civilizations on the earth. According to many studies India in itself has many magnetic centres and spiritual history and spiritually advanced civilizations like that of the Egypt, where Gods walked on earth and built the civilization.


 Indian heritage can be divided into 7 sections as follows 1. Spiritual India. 2. Enlightened India, 3. Secret India, 4. Occult India 5. Ancient India, 6 Monumental India & 7. Modern India.


Mihira new Era Weekly


Starting with topic on “Destiny of the Nations”. Master DK has first introduced the Destiny of the nations through Alice a bailey. In the light of Master D.K  Later Master EK and his student Master MRL  has showered light and guidance on World Nations. Mihira in the light of Masters of wisdom and  in guidance of UNESCO would like to share online,  each week about  Destiny of Nations. The Destiny of the nation can be traced by its ancient history, glory, heritage, educational mode, social living, culture which altogether defines  spiritual heritage of the Nation, there by spiritual secrets of the Nation which destines people’s life.


Spiritual destiny of the Nation reveals journey along with the inherent power of the Nation. The inherent power reveals, spiritual seeds in each individual of the nation shared from the Mother tree of Nation, scattered by the winds of Fate, in due cycles Time.  This is called national karma. Wherever the citizen is placed in the world person born in a nation shares its karma.    


The culture, heritage, life style education and social life of a Nation destines and defines Nation.  Every nation is connected to other nations of the world through social economic and technological basis making the world network of many Nations a world family. In association with UNESCO which unites Nations of world and secures their culture spirituality and their social diversity. Mihira is working towards United Nations social and cultural welfare through education mode.   Endeavouring the Destiny of Nations through Mihira new era weekly is one such attempt.


May those Spiritual Masters bless our attempt.




Destiny of the Nations


Each Nation has a unique history and heritage. The destiny of Nation is dependent upon the life style of the people, and other conditions prevailing at that Time.  The social life, scientific advancement, educational development, cultural or traditional life, international relationships   with other Nations, spiritual or moral ethics in civic behaviour, economical value and business run decides the Destiny of the Nations.


Each Nations Spiritual heritage and Spiritual integrity blossom’s the national development.

Nation is like old tree with its branches and seeds spread wide over.  Each nation will have its own Race of people as its children, evolution with her pace. Each race of people has their own history and culture with which differential sects, social divisions, social distinctions are built, which again merge into Great ocean of humanity consciousness.   As how rivers are born, find their destiny in ocean so also human races originated at differential Nations, find their final destiny in humanity welfare and Growth.


The Overall humanity although appears as parts of different continents with differential geographical coordinates to colours, abilities, skills, languages to every distinguishing   feature, are well knitted together through a common thread of world consciousness or mother consciousness.


 Anthropology, Sociology, History, Archaeology, Genetics, Biology and other studies give a brief glimpse of Destiny of Nations.

Spirituality, Yoga, Astrology, Psychology, gives

Spiritual destination of the Nations.    



Spiritual heritage of a creation can be divided into 7 sections as follows 1. Spiritual history. 2. Enlightened Civilization, 3. Secret of a Nation,

  1. Occult Symbolism 5. Ancient Culture, 6 Monumental findings & 7. Modern developments.

In due course of time each Nation has passed successively all the stages. Global changes made geographical change of nations and in due time the   names of Nations have also been changed.


Founder Editor.                                                                                Editor Mihira

Master M.R.L. RAO                                                                          M.P. RAO






  1. Spiritual India:

 India has been spiritual treasure, for Ages. Many great Lights descended on earth to redeem the souls from darkness of ignorance, into spiritual light. Spirituality has been its tradition and culture for Ages. The great schools of wisdom, spiritual studies, spiritual philosophies have been born in the ancient India which changes the mode of life when practiced in one’s life.


 Supernatural studies, extra sensory perception, astral travel, divine nature is the natural life style of the ancient ones.  They have constantly lived in communion with nature, talked with angels, worked with God where the human kingdom lived in parallel with device kingdom, at the same time maintaining with an ecological balance with lower kingdoms of life like mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. 


Sorcery, magic are the techniques adopted by the teachers in teaching spirituality to the students.  Subjectivity was the attitude and objectivity were the approach of the student.  There used to be open universities where men learned the secrets of the nature through observation and meditation.  Vedic rituals and meditations are necessary culture to tune the ones consciousness daily to the plan of the God.  Astrology was the study of time and plan of daily life style in working out the routine of the day.  Ayurveda has been the study of food and home making in relation with astrology, the culture, food habits of the people are dependent upon Ayurveda astrological approach.


 Every plant, mineral, stone and place were consecrated to a local deity or God called as Guardian Angels.  Similarly, the class of the people were divided into 4 types basing on their innate approach of life and they were also attributed to a God or Angel called as the Family God or the Guarding Angel of the family. There are 18 scriptures, 1000 Upanishads, 4 Vedas, and Vedas contain Katakas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, and many divisions which describe creation and details of its process.  Ancient Indians are endowed with high spiritual power to contemplate upon the soul and its journey aspects and venerating Gods in all aspects of life through mantra Sastra, high study to evoke the God.  All aspects of Life are consecrated to a form of local deity of God and evoke the spiritual consciousness in them.


 Spirituality was point of perspective of Life.  Spirituality was destiny, moral conduct, way of life and soul of life for the ancient.   Every breadth of life and walk of life, way of thought, action, feeling and word was tuned to the way of scriptures. They lived as epitome of spirituality.


Natural life, accepting natural trend of events without planning is venerated by ancient ones as nature play of God and they stood to every play of time without using mind or intellect towards logical world.   They had only one world natural happening of life as Gods will, where they weaved no karmic transaction.   This is called as spiritual life of Men.  When mind came into existence it is called sin of man where mind separated buddhi from man where intension with tension, intellect with logic came into world, men became slave of fear and his instincts, spirituality was lost, men graved in matter, men became slave, he lost his original Kingdom of Gods.   


Every place of India, sand of India was filled with a   spiritual history of the nation. Great spiritual Avatars of Gods, great yogis, great rishis, great history prevailed in India. Holidays of Nations were classified with spiritual festivals which corelate with astrological, astronomical time cycles which trigger an Astro biological phenomenon in one who observes.


Indian Culture, Civilization, Architecture, tradition food habits, life style, education, was filled with Spiritual History. Every aspect of life is being spiritualised and scripturalised.   `                          


From birth to death every aspect of life is ritualised with various rituals related to Vedas called Vedic Rituals, which epitomise Creation. Slowly spiritual race pace down to normalcy in due dark cycle of Time. Similar civilizations can be seen in ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Mexicans, Chaldean and Mayan and Red Indian races.


Mihira wishes all Indian festive wishes, a Holy Happy, Safe and healthy Ganesh Navratri Celebrations to all. May Ganesh Lord of Wisdom bless all with health and happiness.


                                                                                                  Editor Mihira

                                                                                                Pradyumna Rao

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