This mission was first established by the great light of love and wisdom called as Master EK in 1962.After its initial journey of hardships it was subjugated to state of hibernation for various occult reasons during which it has accumulated itself with divine energies of that great saint and energised itself with the self deemed spirit and has accustomed itself to the present need of society .It was again bought into cycles of motion from layers of time by his humble and dearest disciple who had profound knowledge of all occult subjects, of learning experience in teaching of these subjects in mystic schools of wisdom and has submitted himself and become part with that cosmological workings of nature. He is popularly known as Master MRL RAO .HE HAD SET THIS MISSION AGAIN INTO MOTION WITH THE SAME SPRIT with which he has been initiated by his Master. He had opened a key of seven fold path, which brings into life cosmological workings of nature which interconnects Astronomy, Veda, Astrology ,Theosophy ,Tantra, Service etc which when imitated in one’s life, unlocks the keys to doorways of wisdom between human and divine to become one with that great white brotherhood, who are working selflessly for eons of ages for uplifting humanity. At the time of crisis, messengers and help is being extended from the brotherhood, firstly in the form of The secret Doctrine through Madam Blavatsky, then through Alice A Bailey in form of 24 volumes of books and now through MIHIRA which was launched by their messenger. May the light of MIHIRA enlighten all those readers and members of this holy mission.

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