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Mihira New Era Weakly - 20/03/2022


Origin of Life    regarding which has different theories. According to Scriptures, Science Two theories are there But if one theory studied under the light of another new vision will open which eventually opens to reality each theory works as a key to unlock  for another to study the real origin of life. But Destiny of Human life depends upon present living standards. Humanity goals aspirations and path has been changing drastically over centuries when observed vision has been narrowed.  Social crime existed from all Ages but in different manner and degrees but Humanism was there nowadays Humanism is being vanished from the hearts of Humanity. Men are being forced to live under pressure conditions which makes men to opt gradually to the path of evil than White.  Social living has different  steps of evolution.

Firstly social living involves education , learning, innovation,,, exportation of new languages sciences history of Nations, civic behaviour culture and tradition religion worship humanism and socialism. Then one crosses a profession of study to explore world in it’s path. Then eventually arises a state of adjustment cooperation emotional bonding social units like  family ,friends, colleagues, acquaintances, customers, public, officials where men has to co- exists with one another to bring harmony from conflicting personalities. Then one has to form bond of love sacrifice, friendship, morality, humanism and many to live life in different angles compete human set of life. Then one will undergo social evils social problems, social inequalities,  social injustice social crime social conflict which makes men to think upon live and it’s condition and stand for a cause for it. Then Men though his profession will eventually chooses a path of study and work and sacrifices his life personality for the universal  Cause bad eradicate social evils. there rises true men of light enshrined professionalist  who carves new shape of thought for betterment of social  Living. Then approaches divine path to experience social life as a series of steps to experience  divine plan. Every social citizen has a pivot role in universal engine in it’s run coexistence with one another through love sacrifice intellectual knowledge share enables one to understand work everyday every minute in a better way.

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