Ancient Socialization

Mihira New Era Weakly - 27/03/2022


Ancient Socialization in India mainly based on culture, tradition  and spirituality. Bonding between people is based on spiritual.caterorization of people worshipping differential aspects of God’s.  Segregation of  groups and units based on people performing Rites and  rituals and assist one another in spiritual  development soul journey and evolution of life through group effort. Socialization existed as a spiritual family.  Socialization of Life based on future tradition pertaining in each region of Nation As Bharat I .composed of Various futures traditions and languages. Unity among Diversity is key feature. Later social divisions were  based on professions family lineage and spiritual culture.

Each stage of life as discussed earlier issues we’re cultured with Rituals and rites of Vedic Hymns called “ samskaras” based on each age division of child to men to old age. Life of men were divided inton16 stages in each stage life was spiritually cultured to expand child consciousness in the lines of God and his creative aspect. Scriptural stories were to be guidelines of moral, ethical ,social conduct of life and are even dramatized in open theatres on special days.

Festivals we’re conducted on special days of astronomical and astrological significance including regular routine with  ayurvedic food habits healthy habits and  techniques, yogic life,  spiritual rituals, cultural  arts and crafts were use to be exhibited with in social’s gatherings to improve one skills and enlighten others with deep research arts.  Hence sociazation is study adjustment learning and enlightenment space than a  struggle

 Personalisation is based on deep arts of skills than any other factors, socialization were to dominate personalization. people use to love one another, learn from one another, respect one another in all ways than mode of criticism, sacarcism or domination of others this made civilisation of life to feel in every one as a patriotic instinct . Unification is result  of it .

Simultaneous evolution of life through sociology spirituality with respect to development of   mind body soul were use to be in social life of Bharat .Even spiritual geography, spiritual family living virtualization of urban cities added favour to social Life.

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