Comets and Their Significance

April.29 2020,Significant Mark after May 29 1910.

Commets.have many significances in astronomy and astrological aspects of life. Commets are of differnet types.

Asternoids are littel differ in their functionality with commet. commet is potential solar system. Asternoids are objects of solids that are shattered or that revolve around orbits of planets which may be produced due to adhesive collision of masses or planets or bombardment or solar reactions or stellar formations.

Commets.pass from one solar system to another producing or Inititating an creation or appearence of new planets are solar system similar to that of solar pollination of plants producing flowers or carrying new seeds which give rise to new fruits or buds in solar tree.

In Astrology they carry another significance producing climatic changes, geological changes and biological changes along with zoological and botanical changes in species. They also signify change in life style sociology and civilzations of human life , every commet has a mark oh human life style.

In spritual aspects every Commets send extra terrestial beings and initiates humanity with new yoga, new new rituals, new spritual solution and starts new races of humanity. In spritual way , it brings great Avatar of syenthesis which blends all exsisting religions and faiths give rise to syenthetic path of world religion s and New education and technology to the world.

Comets demarks Time with their presence. There are many historical evidences. There are many cases, where commets bought many aliens and their races on humanity.

Present time is marked with many astrological aspects of shooting stars which came last time 2700 years back, this commet today which is similar to 110 years back. These symbolisms may bring new change upon the globe may bring all good to Earth, may make Reappearence of Christ , May bring New spritual revelation.

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