Festival of Lights in Darkness Deewali

We all know the significance of Dewali and scriptural.story of Dewali Godess Satyabha killed Deamon Narakasura bought light to world.

NARAKASURA thedeamon of dark world who takes mortals into dark world’s lord krish lord of worlds of light godess satyabhama is mother earth who is in between mortal.and.immortal.worlds between nether dark worlds and.spritual world of.lighr fights with daemon vanquishes him with her arrow of Light and bow of spritual will.
This.is celebrated as Dewaali festiv of Light to enlighten the soul with spritual purpose of life and remove the darkness of ignorance of our soul conscious. Mothergoddes is our Nature dameon is our mind and lord Krishna is spritual spirit in us may the holy Dewaali takes our mind to mother nature and submit our Nature to the purpose of soul and Soule take refuge in light of God supreme

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