Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima  🙏Poorna swaroopa🙏We wish all very holy Guru pournima. 🙏WORLD SPRITUAL ORDERS and  THE  GREAT WHITE HIERARCHY INNER GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD

Guru is highest abode that even God respects. He is utlimate entity of light ,power.knowledge ,path, blessings, who nourishes, inspires, guides, trains, teaches, disciplines every one through births together, and enlightents path of Truth and Dharma. 
He is silent watcher, great.sacrificer who.sacrifices  himself at altar.of sercice, selfless love toward work for welfare.and evolution of humanity . They are identified by many names as.saints , Yogis ,sidhhas.,fakirs, prophets, messenger of Gods, Masters of wisdom, spritual father’s,  progenitor nod.races,.inventors , father’s of subjects of learning and many who sacrifice themselves to an ideal that benefit humanity at large, yet they are untouched by these names  work as true mediums of  their gurus.
There are several spritual Hierarchies  who guide  Humanity towards Global upliftment . Among which one lineage was Lord Maitreya ,Master KH, Master Moriya, Master D.K and Master  Hierarchy or Great White brotherhood . We give glimpse of the Guru and their work in the words of Master . 
The whole world is run systematically through many is said as above so below. We have local governance, state governance, National governance, international governance, and administration offices, rural panchyanths  urban collectors, who govern life and civic code of the people. This is called government of the people laid by people themselves, to run the mob life in borders of law and order.  So also in Nature, there is inner government, of the world, which runs the worlds in due order and time. the inner government of the world is spiritual order. This order is composed  of most advanced spiritual men, of al ages and time who sacrificed their life for upliftment of humanity alone having no personal prejudice or progress in mind or in hand. This government is not physical will not find any offices or head quarters anywhere.
 They are invisible yet make their manifestation in time and place where they find necessary.  Spiritual selection of places and people  will be criteria. This group of invisible members who supervise all the activities of the external world yet stay ahead of the future happenings of the world and direct the prime individuals in progressive aspects of humanity without their own clamour for name or power or exclaim their identity stay behind but work continuously through many organizations in the world for their evolution. Example’s in mundane world are like educations researchers, educational directors, inventors of technology, fathers of subjects of learning, formula makers, research socialist etc.  
This inner government of spiritual workers who guard the globe and overall development of humanity in prospective including spiritual development  is called Hierarchy.
This hierarchy is supervised by group of brotherhood called white brotherhood. Various names are given to them like secret guardians, silent protectors, torchbearers, Masters of wisdom, sentient beings, spiritual sorcerers, white magicians, hierarchical cabinet and many names.  There are many spiritual hierarchies who govern the global functions. Hierarchy comprises of many departments regarding human life especially, spiritual parenting and spiritual birth of new races of humanity is governed by world motherhood.
Spiritual fatherhood, fathers of inventions, fathers of education, rulers of races, protectors of groups, kings are guarded and directed by group of world fatherhood, who supervise races sociology of earth birth of civilizations world sociology and geology.
Next group comprises of great workers who take incharge of  run of human life, department of human growth and study is dived into sections primary section contains seven divisional rays and other section consists of ten divisions both these groups are supervised by Masters and their hierarchy. world politics, world religion and education, world economy and business, world cultural and social civilizations, world science medicine and technology, world armed forces, services philanthropic activities, and at last world rituals ceremonies and spiritual brotherhood are ruled by masters and their cabinet which comprises of 49 primary officers and the 2160 secondary workers and 2000 others form  tertiary  trainees. 
   Sainthood, priesthood birding between man and angels spiritual teachers preachers, world teachers, messenger of Gods, are governed by another department of hierarchy.
Trainees for disembodied souls spirits, invisible helpers, invisible workers, who heal the evil souls,  enlighten the soul with spiritual wisdom and bring them out from clutches of human intricate mind and emotional turbulence lead them truth and light.
Though readers, human action recorders, who bear Akshakic records preserve the human karma history form another hierarchical branch who work inbetween devas and human every second in time with time called as lipikas.  So also musical hierarchy and astrological hierarchy also exists who receive the messages from the planets time to time and work as interplanetary messengers and rythms of planetary movements who give message bring forth the message of  the stars and heal the beings with music forms two other branches of hierarchy.
World intermingles with many worlds, it is said that 14 worlds simultaneously, exist at a time one intertwined  with other as layers of sandwich. Thus seven hierarchical departments work and run 14 worlds. Master CVV  meditation “seven times seven the wheel rotates” may give further light.  
This is glimpse of  hierarchy and its work. Master D.K gave forth work of this through this 24 books through Alice A Bailey. Masters said that externalisation of hierarchy occurs from 2014. In 1932 a silent group of new age workers were recruited in to the close secret group of hierarchy which comprise  all department of  work. Master EK was one such member of hierarchy brought forth great plan and its work into physical plane. He is a synthetic bridge between all the hierarchies and the humanity. He is a Master of the Age, light of the century , ancient one, old teacher, beacon of humanity. Master MRL garu  and Madam Vanaja garu was one among many initiates initiated by Master EK in New Age work hierarchal worker.  
 According to world prophets 2020 is one such year, where great transformations of the Age, will start and outer government will work in tune with inner government. Outer government workers will be filled with inner government workers and the world will run in spiritual plan and order. Outer life will be inner spiritual hierarchies beauty. 
Master EK 🙏 was one such world Teacher and he trained all his students in thy path and light.   May the Guru’s bless all their students with thy Wisdom and  tread our lives in thy Path.

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