Oct 2.2020.

Mahatma Gandhi father of the Indian Nation bought freedom for the Nation in 1946. We all know about the life story of Mahatma Gandhi.  He is Multifaceted personality. He is lawyer by professional spiritualist by Nature, every day he uses to read Bhaghavat Geetha. He is a writer, poet, musician, social reformer. He is philosopher and philanthropist. As a spiritualist Mahatma Gandhi is called may followers of faith as tenth avatar. He always spoke truth. He is highly self-disciplined he displayed in his Danda chakra and dharma chakra. He uses to punish himself, for every mistake. So, he himself became Danda chakra people who approach him use to fear of him. He also followed dharma chakra he never crossed the limitations of dharma sastra irrespective of the social evils personal evils the great mahatma has faced and seen before his eyes.  His greatest weapon is Ahimsa the principle of Buddha. he led many patriotic movements for freedom fight of the Nation. In all his footsteps we can see the common thread of silence. He never reacted in negative way Great man through non cooperative movement he made a rebellion act showed the world path to combat evil.

He is man of truth and law. He paved path to many, he led many into the light of freedom. He writings are teachings to new generations. Many spiritualists, patriots, leaders, supported him in his freedom movement He is very simple in his style but dominant in his actions.  His silence truthfulness and call his spiritual qualities mad him a channel to many spiritual forces all nations walked with him. He became father of the nation yet he left a deep mark upon the atmosphere.

Mahatma Addresses to Nation and his call to multitudes moved all towards one ideal freedom for nation and freedom for oneself from his lower personality towards higher goals and ideals of life. His lived a live to an ideal one pointedness his practices certain principles of life made superior me of the race showed other men should strive to a goal not to live by his emotions or instincts one should continuously strive himself and lead others to a common goal of social and spiritual development. His selfless life love towards all nations love beyond religion caste creed sex and sects made him man with Aquarian age. He transcended lower oddities of life and live above the human boundaries and man of he speaks many languages from Sanskrit, Telugu, English, Latin, French, Urdu, Farsi and Guajarati, Hindi and many others.

He himself became a stupendous personality. With his stick he demarcated the Nation’s History.  He made nation and all Indian free from their bondage’s and slavery of the foreign rule and foreign element’s in them. He gave us truth and light we pay our deep homages to mahatma.

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