Master CVV Yoga of the NEW AGE

Master C. V. V. was born on 4 August 1868 in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India (then part of British India) into a middle class Niyogi Brahmin family. His family name was Canchupati.[8] His parents are Sri Kuppuswamy Iyyengar and Smt. Kamamma. During the reign of the Vijayanagar dynasty, their family moved from the regions of Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu. His Upanayana took place at the age of five. he was given in adoption to his paternal aunt Srimathi Kanchupati Subbamma, who educated him. His elementary education took place in Kumbhakonam itself and the higher education in Srirangam.Master C. V. V. married Rukmini in 1880 when he was 12 years old and they had three sons and a daughter. His wife Rukmini died in 1904 when he was 36 years. At the age of 38 in 1908 he married Venkamma with whom he had another three daughters and a son chandu who served as great medium.for him between his source and him. Later Mother venkamma also served as great medium.for his workings.

Master C.V.V founder new yoga system known by the name “Bhrikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga” or “Electronic Yoga” in 1910 with a goal to make changes to human format and to cosmic forces influencing human format in order to give eternal life to humanity.

“Bhrikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga”, means the Raja Yoga that neutralises the accumulated past Karma.

Vedavyas, who was a leading exponent of Master CVV’s Philosophy, in his book The Electronic Yoga of Master C.V.V. discusses about this new yoga system, Unlike traditional yoga in which one begins to work with first chakra and progress upwards, with the development of each chakra, giving greater spiritual awareness, in this system, the crown chakra opens first and radiated energy downwards. Master C.V.V compares the body to a battery with the left side conveying negative electronic current through Ida Nadi and right side carrying the positive current of the Pingala Nadi. When folded palms are brought together, sparking is produced in the heart chakra. Vedavyas also discusses numerology, astrology, latent power of intelligence and the striking similarities he finds in the work of Madame Blavatsky, George Gurdjieff, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi and Master C.V.V. in a hash of zealous prose, not to mention the serendipitous significance of the year 1910 in the lives of all these people and cosmic events surrounding the arrival of Halley’s Comet.

Master CVV calls his disciples as mediums. At present Master CVV yoga is spread through out the world. Now Master CVV’s mediums are actively involved in conducting courses to the new incoming mediums.

During his lifetime Master CVV developed several courses for regulating the planets and rectifications. Master MTA is the guru of Master CVV. He is one of the Greatest Spiritual scientist of our times. His yoga is called the electronic yoga. It works instantaneously when invoked. The regular time for doing this prayer is Morning 6.00 AM and Evening 6.00 PM. During his life period Master CVV cured many people from sufferings of various diseases that were not curable.

He first gave the prayer to everyone on May 29,1910. He published an article in newspaper that “who seek.immortatily can come to my home ” My immortality of Consciousness.” May 29 marks spritual day both astronmical way and Astrological way.

YOGA TEACH. Is it’s formula.
Master CVV cosmic Man, gave forth to humanity New yoga of Syenthesis in 1910,on May 29, hence the day is called May Call Day ,by Master CVV himself . His call is called Master call, to all disiples . It also symbolises call of a disciple of yoga to Master . so he may call master on that day through prayer. Master also may call disciple on that day. Call is through OM highest sound of cosmos. Prayer is higher bridge between master 🙏 and student. He calls through OM and he recieved through OM . Master forms of himself in this sanctuary of initiation of prayer . Students becomes counter part of Master, Master works through student through his screen of consciousness.

1This yoga is a called Brikhta Rahita Taraka Raja yoga,
2a yoga of immortality,
3yoga of health and elixir of life ,
4yoga of zodiac , planetary , Stellar and Commetary Syenthesis,
5yoga of New Age called as Aquarian Age, 6yoga of mystic and occult nature,
7yoga which summarises all Yogic functions ,
8yoga of East and west fusion,
9yoga of human Evolution in tune with cosmic evolution.
10Yoga of nuetralisation of karmic capsule, linga sareera,
11Yoga of group consciousness, group healing , group soul,
12Yoga of world Ritualistic traditions
And many more.

This yoga has made its advent with Halley’s commet inn1910, again such planetary Commetary combinations has been started. Master MN and Master Ek served as great mediums to this yoga, formed as two steps to reach great Master.

The three great masters EK, MN, CVV, made this yoga three fold yoga of triguna traya yoga and septenary Syenthesis, through seven steps of seven letters of master to attain highest Star of the East, Great Bear constellation, 🌟 May the Master of this yoga Master CVV bless all with plenty of prana and teach Yoga and heal pandemic of Earth and bestow immortality of Consciousness .
Namaskar Ms Master EK🙏
Namaskarams Master MN 🙏
Namaskarams Master CVV🙏
Daily at 6am and 6pm.

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