This Information age and information is only a click away. Almost every one of us has smart phones and gadgets which keeps is virtually connected 24 X 7. This is great technological development and we are all happy about that. The Question is how million of pages of information are available on the net, what is the quality of information, is the content delivered to you right (or) managed, how much can we wisely handle and use? Adepts of ancient wisdom says the modern science has only discovered 15 percent of the scientific truth of nature and its workings.

                  Now imagine the quality of information available on the net. Good Quality of information available on the net. Good Quality information is very rarely available. Science is what man has to know and is not what he thinks, he knows. Life is about becoming smart and not only about upgrade our smartphones.

                  This is MIHIRA steps in delivering the best of ageless wisdom, we strive to deliver age old formulas, well tested, versed by adopts of ageless Wisdom, which have helped million of disciples around the world, to a Wise happy Living. You can reach us with your suggestions at

Articles are invited on the following topics

  • Vedic Light: Vedas, Upanishads
  • Wisdom Light: Compartive Study World Religions, Theology 
  • Yogie light: Yoga and Meditation
  • Medical Light: Health & Hygiene 
  • Astrological Light: Astrology, Vasthu
  • Recreative Light: Wisdom Tales, Moral Stories, Fairy Tales.

Note for the Authors

  1. Articles should not be copied from other publications.
  2. Authors held responsible for the content of their articles.
  3. Articles must be in neat format (or) typed without any mistakes.
  4. Articles approved by the editorial Board will only be Priented.
  5. Editor can edit the content (or) the format of the articles if necessary.

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