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India, traditionally the land of Gurus and Sishyās stands as a beacon for many nations and offers spiritual solace to parched souls. Great Rishis like Vasistha, Viswāmitra, Agastya and others guided the destiny of many kings and kingdoms. Avatars like Rama and Krishna descended here to blaze a trail of ethics for men to follow when bewildered by the problems and tribulations inherent in the human condi­tion. Their efficacy as exemplars most potent in the Indian ethos has enough universal relevance to be of use to seekers the world over.

In the beginning of the 20th century Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and many other Indian seers and Masters of Wisdom rightly highlighted the glory of our cultural heritage. Ideally, the press, with it’s tremendous outreach, would be the best medium through which to spread the message of evolved souls. But unfortunately the com­pletely commercialized media of today is only bothered about financial success and cheap popularity than about moulding character through the power of the printed word.

Mihira has taken on itself the onerous responsibility to help people step into the New Era – the 21st century with poise and confidence that only a good grounding in sound moral values and a holistic attitude to life can promote. As nothing is out of the purview of the Divine, Mihira proposes to cover all aspects of life – Spiritualism, As­trology, Yoga, Health, Fine Arts, Service activities and sagas of human enterprise besides brief features on the lives of great men and women from all walks of life from all parts of the world. 

Accounts of places of pilgrimage and teachings from the Vēdas and other scriptures will also be presented in capsule form. It is hoped that the guidelines to right living such holy texts offer and their unanimous underscoring of the impor­tance of lives lived in harmony with nature will rectify the modern obsession with materialistic pursuits. Mihira’s aim is not so much to offer new territories of intellec­tual stimulation as to guide each reader in a journey inward where great reserves of illumination and peace are waiting to be tapped.

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