The year 2021 Presents
Editor Mihira. M.P.RAO

Every New year presents eternal present of time cycle which evoluted humanity into a higher degree of light. As how Annual rings of a tree, as how annual birthday of a being , evolutes being with growth in all stages, so also every Decade marks a stage of illumination in century, so als every year marks as spectacular point in Decade in initiating the Humanity into higher octave of light with new hemisphere of light and wisdom enabling men other species to experience life in New way New angle.

This year marks a special point in humanity to unravel themselves with hidden secrets of Life and unlock themselves with higher truths of life and correct themselves with internal defects of human nature and application of mind.

This New Decade show Path of Light of Life to be tread upon in balance with Nature other species to incur ecological balance and environmental balance.

This year brings all a blessing from higher beings new plan of spritual life where present wisdom rearranges itself in human life as human concepts and principles to understand each other in its light and as light.

This year 2021 is said inscriptions End of Dark Days Beginning of New cylce Year 2022 is number of Angels where there will be re-appereance of World Saviour . So this year prepares all to receive thy light and wisdom🙏

In the words of Master DK
“From the point of light
Within the Mind of God Let Light Stream forth into the minds of Men From the point of Love within the heart of God let light stream forth into the hearts of men let light descend on earth “

Let the New year bestow all with helath prosperity, love wisdom path light and truth 🙏
Mihira Wishes all New Year

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