From ages ago when light of soul is buried in deepest layers of matter ,where chaos filled the world and darkness pervaded the earth ,when destiny of human evolution and journey of the incarnating souls of men, was lost in this material world of changing values by layers of Dark cycles, An ATTEMPT is being made and still being made by the holy men who were sons of light named as ,messengers of god to lit again the light of soul and lamp of divinity in the hearts of men to bring back into light , the lost path of wisdom ,to enlighten oneself with self awareness of his presence and illuminate ones divine nature as IAM ,to engulf the dark layers of time and bring back kingdom of god where happiness is the only expression of life in humanity.

This attempt was being made by those occult sages of wisdom ,to awaken ones innate powers hidden on ones heart through various mystic schools of wisdom. one of such school was established by A modern seer, holding the self glowing lamp of IAM Consciousness ,to unlock all the links between human and divine and to become one with that great white brotherhood of god . one of such light known as master ek whose ideals took form and shaped into a form as MIHIHRA ,the light of sun which nourishes all the souls of men with flood of divine knowledge in order to be free from cages of ones own nature.

This mission was first established by MASTER EK which was then again carried forwarded by his humble students with the same spirit to spread the light of master to all brethren in reach.

Mihira is a selfless organization for welfare of humanity through seven fold path.Believing in truth and law of nature mihira is trying to co-operate with the plan of solar logos which is being carried forward by 250 spiritual heirarrichies in this world.MIHIRA is one such schoo trying to work out a plan of those heirarrichies and that of the great white brotherhood who are trying to unify the world under one roof of world brotherhood transgressing the barriers of human physical,mental,astral.religious national and establishing the Truth of Life.

Through the seven fold key an adopted method of masters, we are trying to carry forward the mission of the heirarrichy and co-operate with the other 250 groups of spiritual order.

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