Predictive Analysis of Comets on May 21 Altas and June 6,2020

Note 🙏 please bear the inaccuracies of the predictive Analysis belongs to author and accuracy and prophetic credit .belongs of MasterEK Master MRL

  1. There may be a situation to all Nations to ponder over their security and conspiracy of other Nations towards world.dominion.
  2. New generation rooting up may overwhelm with intellectual freedom than moral consignment.

3.Natural equilibrium if is disturbed again there may be Natural calamities and , atmospheric changes in globe

4 food distribution should be safeguarded by men of power in equality otherwise there may be hunger.strikes

  1. There may be geological and hydrological changes in earth which may slowly initiate formation of new topography in globe example rise of new islands, drying of river beds, emergence of new underwater channels .
  2. Rise of New empires.

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