Racial shift

Courtesy Master Ek Master Dk
MasterMRL Madam.HPB
Edited by M.P Rao

According to spritual and anthropological theories of evolution of mankind, human beings are categorised into seven races and seven subraces emanated from.seven rays of the sun that we called.spectrum of white light we observe through spectroscopy. The calibration and calisdence of sunrays emanate different groups of.plants animals and human races on earth categorised on different basis.

Among such human races are born under seven races basing on each sense of.perception and in each races seven sub races basing on colour and different intellectual faculties but not differentiatal faculties.

Racial shift is in genral considered as racial behaviour dynamics but racial shift in this light is considered as change in behaviour dynamics and intellectual behaviour and expression of human genetic constitution in terms of social , psychological and intellectual persuits of life. Nowadays all.races are exhibiting similar behaviour dynamics in terms of educational, economical and social fonts of life.

Present root race is called Aryan root race with five sensory organs. it is said four root races that have passed on earth have evolved each with each sensory organ. At present root race with seven sub races are exhibiting racial.shift from fifth root race to sixth root race.. this Racial shift can be seen in behaviour statistics along seven sub races of present Aryan race.Now sixth root race is been developing along with sixth sense of Intution, and sixth
Sense of thought reading.with ESP and universalism. Racial shift of human races occur s slowly through change in Differtial racial behaviour.

Human race is developing into universlism, integral racial behaviour are been developing. In Social, health, educational, psychological aspects of life , similar trend can been seen. Man is developing towards world citizienship . Man will be recognised with his work . New children born under this great racial shift will have more intellectual development and Universalism.

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