Soli – Lunar Key and Significance of Lunar and Solar Eclipe 2020

The Soli-Lunar key is called movement of 🌞 sun and moon along the path of equinox. It has many spritual implications and Astronomical and Astrological implications. This key is most important in as it effects the life of species on Earth . solar and lunar rays, are most important in Blooming life from seed in soil to infant in the womb of mother. Effect of solar and lunar transits along the path is.called by ancients as Devayana and Pitruyana both signify solar path and Lunar path of journey of life . Basing on this two systems of Astrology has been developed Nirayana and Sayana systems basing of movement of Moon and Sun. This path of Sun and Moon cast various Time cycles and periods. One among such is lunar and solar eclsipse. If lunar and solar Eclipses occur in same.month of ayear or in same zodiac month of a year or in stars belonging to similar.division or dates of similar pattern it carries of a significance of it’s type. The period between lunar eclipse eclsipse is called Grace period and it reffered in.vedic Astrology as DevaBhumi where men fate will get charged. He may receive boons from Gods and Angels.

This year June 2020 we have such eclsipse and such period June 5 forms lunar eclipse at night and June 21 solar eclipse.
The period between June 6 to June 21 is most important . This path of moon around sun is called as Goyana cow around other axsis and sun along dhruva mandala is movement of Bull ploughing the solar field planting seedling of planted in it’s space.
Movement of earth is reffered as calf drinking milk from mother moon as soma rasam exliir of life . Mother Moon give mind and body and father sun gives soul and self conscious. The lunar and solar eclsipse engulf mind and blurr the soul in one way gives the man to acsess to thy real self know beyond mind body and soul contact thy spritual spirit in him. This solar eclipse has a special significance it brings the sun out of the dragons mouth which subsidises the effect of dragon tail yoga and bestows upon the humanity a light and way to tread upon both Spritually and physically initiate spark of Consciousness on scientific , social and spritual scales of life.

These Eclipses brings radical changes on globe and make men to think inwardly about life in coming ages. This Eclipse not only show effect for people those belonging to Zodiac signs and star in which these occur but to Humanity at large.

Irrespective of zodiac signs, lunar eclipse on zodiac Gemini and sagittarius and solar eclipse also in gemini and sagittarius signs spritually signs Gemini and sagittarius forms beak and tail of the bird Suparna .in Ramayana two bird brothers Jatayuvu and Sampathi travelling towards sun and burning themselves gives symbolism represents two signs . The Eclipses in these two signs signifies Journey of man into.dark land and triumphet the gospel and reestablish kingdom of Ayodhya that cannot be perceivable by human but.only to God
God in Man union with Mother Nature in Woman.

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