Tables Framed, Timetable Formed, Planetry Adjustments

– Master Cvv Namaskarams.🙏

From December 29, 2019, Six Planetary Meet and Solar Eclipse, formed a new epoch in this century. from then till today arrangement of planets in the vault of the zodiac , are Aligned along the line of capricorn and cancer for the coming two days, forming line of Earth equator symbolisng Master CVV meditation “Equator Equal”.

This Planetary placements also.symbolise “the royal divine arch ” the “makara torana” of ancient Indian temples which form hue for the coming avatar of.syenthesis in a way. These planetary arrangement in these orbs bring about New Time Tables of work which effect live on the globe in aspects of life, squares up humanity karma sets the New patterns of of works Tables for the Men in coming years.

Along with this New Commets vision on april.29 2020, also mark advent of New Spritual Race and Civilazation on globe in tune with planetary adjustments.

May the wisdom of Heavens, Message of the stars, guide the humanity in the foot steps of forefathers of ancient stellar kings and planetary parents.

Courtesy Master Ek 🙏 MasterMRL.🙏

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