Mother Nature balances the ecological pyramid structure of life. Extinction of abudance species, rise of new species and preservation of rare species endangered.species and extinctive species is the work of Nature . She balances the equilibrium between all. In it’s process Nature causes natural calamities pandemiscs and extreme climatic conditions which are eventually caused by behaviour pattern of species . Human species are more unnatural to.environmemt with.extreme intellectual and physical behaviour try to dominate Natural ecosystem by his supremacy which eventfully causes Natural.imbalance . This Imbalance reflects through Nature as climate food chain and his nature as social behaviour and psycholocial intolenrance leading them gradually to stressful ,unnatural and forced.enviroment causing gradual diseased state of behaviour from mutual relationship to parasite nature and Theron to carnivorous and omnivorous nature. This places him into a condtion to use all his tools in order to kill his own species which leads to birth of dangerous psychogenetic conditioning of mind.
This makes Man to kill others and invent dangerous viruses and to create unimaginable diseases from his intellect.

This whole process hitherto again unknowingly balances Nature ecological system.

May men awaken to cooperate oneself to raise from this state of biowar, which effects nature and enlighten oneself to a state of mutual relationship with Nature, to lead a healthy and peaceful Life.

Korana.may be a lesson to infant humanity treading from intellectual persuits to Realisation of Nature and.its Laws of Life

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