The Dragons ring– The Belly of the fish .

In Astronomy and astrology this symbol has a profound Symbolism. The arrangement and placement of planets in zodiac in between dragon tail and head is referred as dragon tail symbolised as true node and antinode engulf all planets are n their bosom. This also signified as solar Eclipses and lunar Eclipses which guard two ends of planetary .positions .

According to solar system of.astrology, all fourteen planets of sun family including sun himself are traveling from dragon tail to head from capricorn to cancer a symbolisng north journey of the Planets I’n upper hemisphere of globe. This is a very rare phenomenon. North indicates inner consciousness of man spritual journey of Humanity will be thy awakened.

This symbolism is given all mythologoical tales of Ancient Arabic , Babylonians ,Egyptians ,Greek, and Indian tales of wisdom as symbolical journey of n Sindhabadh, Hercules., Pandavas through mystic fish of whale under the waters. The allegorical fight of the heroic legends with gegantic fishes, tearing the belly of fish and emergence of pandavas from mastya kingdom of virat gives all secrets of the journey.of the dragon tail. The spritual tale and ritual of Krishna in indian and extuigusing the serpent in egypt also throw much light on symbolism of such transiting time cycles

Even geological scales transit of planets along the line from Tropic of.cancer and tropic.ofbcapricorn makes much changes in globe , emergence of submerged cities or civlizatioms.come.into light. In another sense they mark royal mark upon the skies and time as demarkable changes in humanity and in globe too. This change is biological, geological, anthropological and psychological leading to Racial shift.

May this divine lords of Time who persist for couple of weeks initiate the humanity in the foot steps of great stellar forefathers and ancestoral beings of moon .

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