The Golden Day of the Year

The Golden Day of the Year- June 22

June 22 is called longest day of the year . many of us know only this .but there is also other secret regarding this day. this day is called The golden Day it also called day of sage called HIRNYA STHUPA means golden pillar.

June and DEC 22 forms the 2 pillars of the year on which the souls of life pass trough in and out their bodies. these two gateways are called Gateways of life and death.

But esoterically called as gate of awakening and merging into background. The sun changes its direction in these 2 days. The southern journey and northern journey of sun occurs in these 2 days southern pillar on June 22 makes consciousness of the mankind to travel into lower hemispheres of life whereas the Dec 22 is day where sun travels the consciousness of the mankind towards spiritual hemispheres of life.

On this day the disciples are made to chant the Suktas of lord Garuda the golden bird of Vishnu Suparna and perform the Ritual of Suparna. Mihira has present the Ritual of Suparna on this occasion all followers of faith can use this day to start a one year spiritual journey with the bird of lord Vishnu and experience the marwells of creation.

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