Courtesy From the divine passages of
Master D.K , Madam HPB.
,Master Ek, Master MRL.

The divine cross of death&birth

Birth and Death of a being itself is a Great rituals when experienced by oneself. Great avatars messengers of gods masters of wisdom, seers, saints, yogis adopt this process and imitate in their life which becomes mark in the globe

The death of God consciousness is birth of Man consciousness and death of Man consciousness is birth of God consciousness. Hence every one dies as a soul before physical birth and will be born as a sprit after physical death.
Divine death is birth of god consciousness and death of man consciousness. So at death of every avatar and a Master millions of lives are saved from a calsotrophy or there will be change of time cycle or yuga. So death of every master and avatar is marked upon the time cycles as Before Advent and After The Crucifixion.
Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Moses, Budhha, Abraham , Isaiah, Thoth Hermes, saint Raghavendra, a spiritual messenger Sai baba, had adopted this eternal sacrifice. Illuminated humanity through their sacrificial death.
One such light walked upon earth few thousands of years ago named Jesus. His eternal sacrifice on the cross with pain and suffering of the humanity at large made him eternal. His sacrifice demarked Time as Before Christ and After Christ.

Death of every Avatar, Master of Wisdom demarcates Time Cycles, and that of their groups of disciple’s and trend of their life thereon as before Master presence and after Master ascension. They plunge away karmic burdens of groups and that of humanity through their ritualistic death. Hence their death is divine by nature and by sacrifice.

Master Jesus was asked by the god the father in the heaven to attain blissful state attained by his holy deeds, selfless service and scriptural life and sacrificial nature.

But Jesus refused that spiritual bliss and choose the ritual of crucifixion, to defeat sitan the cosmic evil. Sitan tempted Master Jesus when he is in his sermon on the mount to accept the riches, success, power, wealth pleasures, name and fame in the world instead of his spiritual work.

The evil Satan warned him if not he accepts his offer he will be tortured by his people to severe pain till death, to defeat the master before the eyes of the public, but still Master accepted the painful crucicfication. He was dragged, beaten, tortured, punched, skinned and nailed to the fixed cross.

In utmost pain and suffering he until his last breadth he was mercy at his heart, even when his father in the heaven was angry at the people who tortured him, he said to the father “ father they knew not what they are doing please forgive them in my name, love them show mercy at their ignorance”.

At his death there was thundering cry of his father in heaven and was rainfall of cry along with storm of anger raged with sweeping winds of blow, in which his pure blood of love and sacrifice was drenched and flowing through canals of water streams as was poured into many diseased houses.

His purified blood magically healed all sick, removed the curse of the cursed, purified the devotees, sanctified the earth with higher degree of light. His crucified cross became symbol of worship therefrom elevated insane humanity into the fold of worship, moved their heart into mercy and stepped them into service hence defeated satan.
All Masters death will be such initiation to their pupils and earth. Every disciple will be subjected to such trail and test if one subjects to himself to such discipline. This great ritual is enacted by every being on earth at their mineral to become food to the plant, plant to the animal, animal to the man. So man should himself subject his death to use and welfare of next kingdom of angels, as eternal sacrifice of his life to a cause, through this benevolent acts, selfless service, pure love, scriptural path, ritualistic life and spiritual wisdom.

Oneself has to choose path between reality and illusion of mirages world of temporal values to make his life ethical moral scriptural and spiritual in his run of life which destines his death.Type of death door one chooses, through his life style, decides his life after death. So death of every saint, fakirs, world teachers, masters, avatars , is pre decided by them
So death places, death days, death time of great ones are sacred pilgrimages which contain divine presence of such ones help the truth seekers to ascend such path. Even the way of death of the master is imitiated in the ritual halls of wisdom to experience divine death of mind birth of a soul .

Good Friday was such day of master jesus. Typically Friday became a day of spiritual souls day for all religions, astrologically connects to soul of solar system as given by madam HPB in great volume secret doctrine.

The fathers and forefathers of the families and Masters of wisdom ascend Jacob ladder into heaven through the gateway of death to become a star in the heaven which guides infant humanity through their light.

So birth star of every one contains journey of life every soul leading life under able kings of stars in the sky who are eternal.

May the gods crucify all humanity under their cross of love and service, ascend the sprit of man from the cross of matter and mind to experience the soul over the cross an make oneself eternal in the path light of the masters of great white brotherhood

Master jesus said when is crucified on cross his body became the spiritual bread and his blood is divine wine, he was crucified to become sacrificed bread for us
“Master Jesus said “ IAM RESURRECTION” and IAM LIFE”

He referred to Iam not to the personality but to the greater IAM which reflects in all as Iam of oneself. He said IAM greater consciousness has no death or birth, it resurrects at every death and take life at every birth. But onself awakens his own iam as ego of body mind and soul which suffers karma of previous life. If one self awakens to his real inner Iam then he know that he is god Iam that IAM.
Then if one lives in the body also he will not live he resides in the body of other house of the father in the heaven, with a illusion of mind isis a reflection of mother Nature, Mary divine mother. Then his life is eternal his acts are needful and his word will become teaching to humanity, his work will be work of god, his family will be world family, his sacrifice will be eternal for the brotherhood. Then his death will be cru fixation of his ego on the eternal cross of soul and sprit where he will ascend as master of wisdom.
So everyone is refection of god manhood should ascend into brotherhood and then be sacrificed to attain angelhood which is natural principle of creation. Every substance on this earth is made used by man to his need it is death of their existence birth of new substance to the higher so also man when sacrifices his life for weal and welfare of others it will be birth of new substance for the angles evolution of man and death of egoic consciousness
Death is away gateway between two kingdoms of Nature, it is death for preceding life for succeeding kingdom of beings which sustains life to other. Even elements of nature sacrifice themselves for the creation angels sacrifice bring out matter, elemental’s sacrifice bring out lower atoms, devas sacrifice bring out mind, words and sound. Lord sacrifice as time and space which gives rise to whole creations and consumes all in time into space again. This eternal drama is enacted by everyone as ones life through their unit of consciousness iam which part fthe greater IAM. As how cells function their biochemical reactions between themselves without loosing their identity in an organ of species, at the same time organ having its own identity in functioning with other organ system, inorder to maintain so called life of being in a body. so also every unit of consciousness is working within itself maintaining at the same time as a greater counterpart of the whole which is to be experienced as IAM that iam so crucicfication is twofold process of creation and death of god as being and being as God. May all be blessed elevated through this path.

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