The Lost Empires

Courtesy . MasterEK., Master MRL.
Compilation by M.P. Rao (Editor Mihira).

Atlantis, Egypt,Mexican,Red American, Ancient Chinese (Taos)., Ancient Indian, ANcient Antartica are few we know in history wha had made great empires on Earth through their mark in social living, science Traditions.,worship, Lifestyle, civilizations, knowledge known for architectural layouts, society planning and secret societies. They made mark in globe through their approach of life. Now great archeological, geological, anthropological,marine geologist, biologist,physists are procuring remarkable evidence and making innovative research towards lost empires revealing that they are advanced than present civilizations. Even modern spritualism, astrologist, biologists and sociologist.are working hand in hand in revealing spritual truths of ancient civilizations which left effect on present human civilization and their biology of bodies.

Modern seers ans saints , Masters of the wisdom and Yogis of lore are stating that great civilzations have swept into oceans and lost into Time because they have misused Natures forces and Natural resources to their selfish use. Anything when imbalaced with Nature it balances the Imbalance through Natural ways. Upon all misuse of human thought is utmost dangerous than anything on Earth. One human thought over rided with amibition, pride, power glamour, domination, superiority and racial discretion will create waves of karma which precipitates Natural incidents and situation that wipes away human evil and situation that man has created discord on Earth till now.

Every human thought knowingly or unknowingly hangs in space takes.form to meet man , to square his karmic account. Every misbehaviour of Man especially in tha way of opression or destruction of a sect,.cult , tribe, , family , race and species in terms of bio war , religious wars , national wars , world wars lead the human to a. Inevitable state to reconcile karmic debts. This makes race or civilzation vanish or disappear in a sudden happening. There is nothing as misfortune gradual misbehaviour of man towards other destruction leads a man to his destiny.

As every man is a part of the Human kingdom one has to bear upon his shoulder s his family karma, racial karma National karma and humanity karma in which he is born. The discreet karma of individual merges in the oceanic karma of the Human Race. This law of reconcilement matches with the Newton’s 3rdLaw. So patrotism , Universalism is natural.insticnt to human who is attuned with the Nature. One should remember he is world citizen, then smaller identifications merge in Universalism. This makes any Man to establish Empire of God on Earth, realise that all men are sons of God and he is one of them ..he seek to Love other not hate, he extends due service to mankind who is suffering, then pain of men and himself will bring due reward of true Light and Love, then his outer clevage s toward work will vanish . Then time will reveal love that underlies happening of Time. Then future of manking will be revealed..then he is son of God standing in his kingdom this is lost kingdom of God lost by man within himself in the bigotry of human existence. Let Love prevail Let all Men Love . Then new root race.will take birth from this transformation with Universalism as their attitude. The lost empires reappear, submerged lands will float up new promised Land will be given.

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