The Lost Lands Rise Again

by M.Pradyumna Rao
Research Journalism.

According to many prophecies, theories and , predictions in sciences like Astrology ,Anthropology and Geology this year 2020 onwards it is time where submerged lands rise and few other lands tilt into great waters.

Rotation of Earth occurs on its axsis in three dimensions around sun. It is said that for every 250 ,500 , 800 1260 and 2160 years there will be little tilt in the axsis of rotations of solenoid movement of Earth. This therefore results in change in Geography, topography of Earth along with change in climates in one way .

In an another sense, appereance and focus of few great stars of the constellation from the window of every moving earth occurs at certain points of time and disappear of Exsisting stars occur at the same time. This results in rise of new lands, change is evolutionary pattern of humanity with rise of new lands gives birth of new civilizations with compete change in life style.

From this year we Lost cites , submerged cities , may find land to come to Light. Lost Glory of the Ancient Nations like Bharat, Egypt , Chinese, Greece may find old ruins. Lost Glory may rise again,. lost temples, astronomical architectures may rise . Also few major.lands submerge into ocean with rise of.oceans .

Education, sprituality ,yoga,. Medicine, Healing, sociology , human intelligence and intutuion may take leaps and bounds change in total out look occurs.

Meditations of Master CVV 🙏🏼
Will galvanize . Concept of Group Soul, One Land , One Flag, One Language, One citizenship , One Rule amalgamation of Races, Nations , Lands, provinces May start . There will be One Human Family World Family.

Great star Aldberan and other stars like Pleaids play crucial role in total transformation.

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