The Nature of “The Nature”

The whole world is a productive creation of Natural Evolution. The Nature creates beings in grades, and turns within different outpouring s of Time and space. Specimens of its creation are categorised as species, and familiar members of species and grouped as families. Members sharing same distinctivee features are generalised under geneology and having same charesterstic features are categorised as roots races of the family of species. All beings undergo Natural evolution in natural way. Depending upon their journey each being acquire their own Nature basing on their experience in way of life . This Nature becomes it unique feature shaping unit of being in thee whole Nature as unique being of its own. This Nature is reflected as one own mind, body, behaviour, appetite, disease, genetic code and psychology. Thus one’s own. Nature is reflected as himself in the creation summation of his past and that of the Earth every time when being takes birth in Nature. He is potential future of Earth in toto and his life too . The graphaolgy of individual evolution is point in Natural evoltionary index of graph between coordinates of Time and space. There is link between human nature , individual nature and Nature itself . One is part of another in the whole. so this is a reversible process one effecting the other. If one’s know the key to open the nature of one self in the light of another then demarcations and differences.of humanity will be visioned as substancial coordinates in world graph of Nature making a whole as picture of the Racial kingom evolution of Nature . Then one will raise to . complimentary angles from opposite angles of Nature standing as right angle with Nature and Time .

Then Nature’s laws will be understood decoded to know it’s next.move . Natural birth , growth and death of beings never stop for.anyone to anything . Natural formation of.lands and submerge of lands will be understood. Birth of new races., disappearences of few races will be visioned. Then bridge between Geology, Anthropology, Astronomy with biology ,.psychology history sociology of beings can be seen ., Then we understand Time is making us part of its game we are.just Stewart’s of the show. Nothing waits for us, nothing stops without us, nothing is started with us, it’s Natural flow within which we are part of . Act in Time ,with Time within Time is only our chance in the Nature . Nature process is always spriall evoltuionary path nothing is repeated..ever new ever unique ever progressive in its way and work . Unfold your nature with Nature .

Protect Nature, Nature’s protects you.
Venerate Nature , nature unfolds you,
grow Nature, Nature grows you,
Live with and within Nature, Nature takes care of you. Nature is our mother we are child. Love Nature ,Nature talks with you.

Courtesy . Sir Rabindranath Tagore .
Author . M P Rao Editor Mihira

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