The Riddle of Human Life

Human Mind is incognito to others species. It is a refelction of one’s own Nature and resemblece of Mother Nature. There are many civilizations, races and grades of humanity passed on till now from.the beginning of the Earth formation of Lands . Many new Lands, Races have emerged and some other races and lands have submerged. The present globe and seven lands seven oceans in-between, have been formed from gradual displacement of land from the primary Land formed . Rise of new Lands given birth to New Races and New sociol.conditions with which, New civilizations have been formed, thinking they are advanced than the previous, finding reminents of.past civizations in arhealoegoical and geological surveys. But the nature and lifestyle of Humans always been same at all Times, in all Ages, although their trend of life May differed.

The History of Human Races never been cut out , still passing same old originated blood through some races if humanity as a thread of genetical inheritance, through their blood and flesh. Riddle of Human Nature is still not yet been clealry been identified . It is entangled by various factors right from biological evolution, sociological evolution , psychological evolution, anthropological evoltuion and Natural evolution of beings.

It is aided ,guided and lead through Astronomical and Astrological factors.
Nature rules various species through sects and groups. It called by theologist as group souls , scientist as specian consciousness . These process of specian evoltuion is also guided by Astronomical and Astrological theories. When one species tries to engulf other species, then consciousness of the former attacks the later in balancing nature’s laws. Each speican souls are linked to various astronomical phenomenan explained astrologically as Astro Biological Phenomenon.

The Rise of diseases and ramphed death of humanity is goverend by Natrural laws which controls the birth and death rate of beings with respect to different races and species in a globe. So One s own thought and behaviour influences group and. toto the Humanity at Large as all.form.i intergrade part of the aggregrated index. So also.Group behaviour is effected on the Individual this is called aggregrated index of karma of humanity on integral individual .

So through individual right thought, right food, right action, right sleep, right feel and right conduct one can cure humanity destiny as.sId by Buddha . Thus individual consciousness part floating in racial consciousness which into part of earth con sciouness. So pain if each being is shared as a aggregrated index to each speices and individual Theron . Thus all.are part and.parcel of Nature . so.all kingdoms of Nature including the angel kingdom are interconnected, inter twined and intermin gled with each other. Each unit is part of other subsequent unit . So each pain and agony of being on the planet is shared by other as his disease . What we.give.come backs to us . Give good do good be good.

Courtesy.: Master MRL Rao founder Mihira
Author : Mr .M.P Rao Editor Mihira.

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