The Spritual Begining of a Century

There will be a influx of New Plan and Energy at begining of every New Century. For every new century there will be birth of seven Masters of yoga , each was specialist with a principle of Earth. These seven masters descend from Each hierarchy namely Adepts of Natural elements, Yogis, Chouhan’s, Sainthood, Avadhutas, Masters of wisdom and Rishis of lore. These seven masters will recieve the light of century and decipher to the public through their life. Master Cvv, Master Ek , Master MN ,sri Aurbindo, swami shivananda, swami Satya Sai Baba, Master Comt de Saint Germain took the light of 19 th century gave it humanity in their.way in 1910 uranian energies was received by Master Cvv, Sri aurbindo and Master Comt de saint Germain started their schools of Yoga, in 1926 ,Master Ek and Sri Satya Baba has descended recieved Neptunian energies and from 1950 Baba and Master ek.garu and swami Sivanda has s their work at the middle of the century and at the end their disciples continued their work . Again in this century 2014 new spritual work has started again with Cheiron energies and Vulcan energies . From 2014 with Uranus and Neptunian plan and from 2018 Pluto and saturnine plan has been started. 2020 in many hierographics has been depicted crucial year. May the blessings of Masters shower on all revive all into the plan of the century.

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