The Transfiguration period of the Zodiac- emergence of Garuda The elixir of Life.

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The rotation of planets and revolution of planets around the sun creates different ial periods of time within the planets and also.leave and deep effect on other planetary periods of Time cycles.

Each planets has seven movements within themselves and.other seven on other Planetary periods. In Astronmy and Astrology they are given much study over it. There are seven planetary rotations and seven planetary movements , for each planet.

In Astronomy seven planetary movements of each planets exerts seven periods of time in each planet and others planetary influence on each planet. The planetary notations and rotatioms influence the life on each planet.

In Astrology each planet was given seven stages of consciousness, seven movements in,zodiacal transits, seven postions , seven planetary points interplanetary strengths and seven states of exsistence. Sismilary planetary movements of each planets also exert lucid effect on life of species in earth especially.

Among such outer planets in outer orbits of solar system with more revolutionary periods create deep long-lasting effect . Among such planetary transits the present time cycles are rare and deep . The planets in zodiac at present are transiting along the node and antinode path from sagittarius to gemini zodiac signs. This represents alignment of planets along the wings of garuda which whips to bring elixir life from pulstions of breath .

This planetary obs brings garuda who extinguishes the dragon serpent yoga and gives elixir of life Amrutha the medicine which gives immortality who carries lord.vishnu on his shoulder to save the humanity from.the poisonous pangs of snakes of death and disease. The whole allegory of lord garuda and garuda purana explains much about the symbolical journey of humanity in this time .

This type of planetary orbs occurs once in 1260 years. With fixed stars in fixed angles , deep planets in fixed stars casts a great change in this Century and years to come..

The Garuda Purana henceforth also gives symbolical journey of humanity from star mula to mrughasira which represents yogic path of spritual journey from muladhara chakra to agna chakra where.consiousness becomes winged serpent or winged horse at agna enables yogi to flee from physcial limitations and bondages becomes a vehicle of the Lord. a As how Garuda frees the mother nature from slavery of kadruva and he becomes divinse savant to god man in this Planetary transit transforms from physcial servant to body and senses to divine servant of God , the alleogary of garuda can be experienced in this period .

This present time cycle transfiguration for humanity in all levels may the grand spritual hierarchy of the world protect direct the humanity in thy steps.

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