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We introduced a Weekly Messenger through our Online Blog on the eve of   74th Indian Independence Day August, 15th 2020-called Mihira New Era Weekly online.

Every week through our online Blog, we would like to share a story in our issue.

 Mihira Weekly is New Era Weekly Messenger. Mihira Monthly is New Era Spiritual Magazine Mihira Today is a monthly, Holistic, Health Journal.

 Mihira Weekly is a new era weekly messenger Which brings you messages Every Sunday with a topic on Sunday spirituality. Share a topic every Sunday starting with the case on “Sunday spirituality. Mihira is now associated with the IPS institute of planetary Synthesis an NGO that works with UNO.


. Mihira new Era Weekly


   It is starting with the topic of “Destiny of the Nations”. Master DK first introduced the Destiny of the Nations through Alice a bailey. In the light of Master D.K Later Master EK and his student Master MRL have showered light and guidance on World Nations. Mihira in the light of Masters of wisdom and in guidance of UNESCO would like to share online, each week about the Destiny of Nations. The Destiny of the Nation can be traced by its ancient history glory, heritage, educational mode, social living, and culture which altogether defines the spiritual heritage of the Nation, thereby spiritual secrets of the Nation which destines people’s life.




Destiny of A Nations.


The spiritual destiny of the Nation reveals the journey along with the inherent power of the Nation. The inherent power reveals spiritual seeds in each individual of the Nation shared from the mother tree of Nation, scattered by the winds of Fate, in due cycles Time.  This is called National karma. Wherever the citizen is placed in the world person born in a Nation shares their karma.    

 The culture, heritage, lifestyle education and social life of a Nation destines and defines a Nation. Every Nation is connected to other Nations of the world through social economic and technological basis making the world network of many Nations a world family. In association with UNESCO which unites Nations of the world and secures their culture spirituality and their social diversity. Mihira is working toward the United Nations’ social and cultural welfare through education mode.   Endeavoring the Destiny of Nations through Mihira new era weekly is one such attempt.


May those Mighty spiritual Master bless our tiny attempt.








Founder Editor.                            Editor Mihira                                         

Master M.R.L. RAO                             M.P. RAO


Mihira New Era Weekly          Sunday Weekly

Season -2 ,2022 Series -2      Season –2, Col-4                                       

INDIA- The Bharat- S-52           28. 8. 2022.  

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Season -1 2020, 2021 Series 1,2, &3.

Season 2 2022               Series 1 &2

 Indian Heritage can be divided into 7 sections as follows 1. Spiritual India. 2. Enlightened India, 3. Secret India, 4. Occult India 5. Ancient India, 6 Monumental India & 7. Modern India.


Season -2 2022, Series -2. Colum 2.

 Indian Heritage is variegated in all fields of knowledge. Modern Archaeologists, marine biologists, Anthropologists, and biologist says Ancient India. Much evidence has been found in the fossil findings, marine and monumental evidence. 1. Historical India,

2. Educated India 3. Cultural India. 4.  7. Spiritual India


From Ancient-   Modern INDIA -3

 National heritage also lies in the length of history of the nation Ancient INDIA BHARAT is said to be one of the earliest first civilizations that started on the Globe. The ancient city is called KASI first culture of spiritual civilization has lived on this Globe. Modern historians named India after the Indus valley civilization which was called Medieval India.  Modern India is called when it has gained its independence from colonials rule.  Ancient India existed far more than history can predict.  All almost many nations’ true history has been transcript as Mythology and holy scriptures rather than a historical study.  The skills lifestyle culture way of life and special powers historians got was not able to comprehend by the medieval men of its Age and the scripture lived the History as Mythological Tales and re-written most of the pages of history with their intervention. So many modern citizens of many nations lost their roots in life modern age yet the culture is reflected in the way of life either it is not reflected the style of life.


Present Life is Globalised. The study and work are  Internationalised, and the language of communication and work are made common. People are being unified from their diversified culture.  But away historians look far more advanced than modern men in a way. The richness in culture makes men more aware lived with nature more closely study and ambiance of their culture reveals men are more know ledged and they objectified every invention, research, and concept of life. They cultured, Ritualised, traditionalized, and spiritualized every concept of  Truth of Nature which when decoded reveals all secrets of advanced science of Nature that modern Men still hitherto cannot comprehend.


The symbols, hierographic, sculptures, arts, carvings, paintings, architecture dressing, professional skills, and family lineage all are linked to one another in a common chain of social culture which when lived opens innate secrets of Human Biology, Psychology and Sociology secrets of  Human Frame and its link with time stars changes in heaven.


Editor                                                                   M.P. RAO


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