WORLD CITIZENS and World Karma.

Every one are citizen of their Mother Nation. Every one are children of mother Nation. Every Nation is a daughter of world. Mother. So every one are world citizens. As world citizen, every one belongs to one family of human race. As citizen of nation we contribute our patriotic nature to National well being and welfare. So also every one should contribute their love and share love towards other national brothers and patriotism to global welfare and wellbeing.

As world citizen every one shares world problems. As how if a head of the family is in problem whole family has to suffer and share its problem In the same.way if family member is in problem whole family share and support the member. This is called family karma which attracts such members to binds then as a unit. Similar formula applies to groups living in
A region, district, city , province , locality, state, Nation and continent too. This is called Group karma. So a world citizen shares such world karma along with his family karma. Sheldom of effect that is caused as set of actions by an individual on him in every stage of life which condition him is called Karma.
So also karma of a individual effects a family and family karma on a individual vice versa which conditions their life style. This applies to above social division and provinces. Every one has to share their Nation karma and world karma as a citizen and their individual and family karma will also be contributed to their Nation also.

As world citizen we should strive above classes of social distictions rise above the factors which rise warship between Nations kills many families. Love understanding and brotherhood between all Nations and Nature will pave a path to humanity towards peace and Humanism and universalism.

According to few prophets coming century is such century .The civilians will strive towards universalism. Every place in every Nations will have same colonies of people all over the world. We can see now such colours in few nations. There will be only one citizenship, world citizienship. One currency all over the world, one life style, One education, One God, one faith, Oneness with all, One human family, One Motherland, the Planet Globe and Earth Nature. Then no wars, no hate ,no violence, only intellectual and spritual.development of humans towards world weal and welfare.

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